Newsletter – April 2016

* Changes to Superannuation Rules coming in the Budget?
* Superannuation Contribution Caps for next financial year: 2016-17
* The Federal Government Guarantee of Deposits
* Sydney – Melbourne Air Traffic: busy and growing
* Australia’s Population – more than a quarter born overseas

Newsletter – November 2015

* Superannuation Death Benefits – not generally covered by your Will
* The underperformance of many of our “Blue Chips”
* Commodity Prices – yes, they are weak and hurting Australia
* Changes to the Centrelink assessment of defined benefit income streams

Newsletter- September 2015

* Property vs Shares – the current state of play
* Investing in new apartments – dangers to be aware of?
* The share market
* Want to educate yourself on Property investment?
* What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is it a substitute for life insurance?

2015 Federal Budget

Attached is a two page Federal Budget Fact File that outlines the high level impacts of this Budget on key financial planning strategies

Newsletter – April 2015

* The danger for investors from today’s low interest rates
* Possible changes to Tax treatment of Super or Negative gearing?
* Australian Banks versus the big Resource Companies
* Changes to the age when you can access your Super
* Concessional & Non- Concessional Contribution Caps – what are they?
* Is it worth retaining private health insurance?

Newsletter – March 2015

* What is a reasonable investment return for a long term portfolio today?
* Superannuation Contribution Caps to apply next financial year: 2015-16
* New Rules around Excess Non Concessional Superannuation Contributions
* Limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) in SMSFs
* Deeming rate reduction from 20 March 2015

Newsletter – February 2015

* Why have share and property prices been rising strongly as interest rates have fallen?
* Research on happiness and the mid life crisis – it’s not just you and it’s not all bad news
* Potential policy changes in the Budget and what you might consider doing to pre-empt them
* Tighter eligibility for the Government Age Pension coming?
* Deeming Rates to be cut from 20 March 2015

Newsletter – January 2015

* Australian Shares – overall 2014 was a lacklustre year
* Interest rates – why so low and how low can they go?
* Term Deposits – new rules make it harder to get early access
* Reversionary Beneficiaries for Pensions – why it matters

Newsletter – December 2014

* Which investment assets should do best in 2015?
* Likely changes to government benefits that will impact baby boomers
* Interest rates – more good news for borrowers but bad news for savers and retirees
* The Financial System (Murray) Inquiry – some key recommendations
* The Financial System (Murray) Inquiry – what it might mean for bank shareholders