Newsletter – January 2019

* Why has the share market risen since the pre-Christmas decline?
* Payment of the increased tax on Super contributions for high income earners
* Financial Adviser and Financial Planner are now restricted terms
* Social Security (Centrelink) Assessment of the former Home for Aged Care Residents
* Enjoying the New Year at a beautiful property in Victoria

Newsletter – September 2018

* Some Personal Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis
* Does the proposed demerger of Financial Wisdom & Colonial First State impact you?
* Are Royal Commissions significant events for investors?
* Living Independently: A look at in-home care options

Newsletter – August 2018

* What is causing Australian house prices to fall?
* Is there really a trade war developing between the USA & China and does it matter?
* The effective Income tax free thresholds for 2018-19
* Be aware of Centrelink changes if applying for the Age Pension or other benefits
* What if your (Super) Pension account has gone above the Transfer Balance Cap of $1.6m?

Newsletter – July 2018

* Is the rally in US Tech stocks over?
* My Health Records – why I plan to opt out
* Something unusual – US interest rates above Australian rates
* How to find out if the airbag in your car is safe or needs replacing

Newsletter – June 2018

* Australian and US Share markets – strong but vulnerable?
* CBA to demerge some businesses including Financial Wisdom, our licensee
* Having an Adviser increases the likelihood a successful Insurance Claim
*  Funeral Insurance – not a great deal

Newsletter – April 2018

* The Banking & Superannuation Royal Commission
* Do the FANGS suggest the US stock market is turning down?
* Australian Migration Data is interesting
* SMSF – an update on issues that may impact you this financial year

Newsletter – November 2017

* Superannuation Contribution Splitting with a Spouse
* Helping your children financially:  Loans vs. Gifts
* What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative also known as “One Belt, One Road”?
* Counting the financial cost of a curve ball
* Insurance Companies actually do pay most Claims!

End of Financial Year Newsletter

* Are most Investment Assets like Shares & Property overvalued?
* Where to the Property market?
* Changes to Personal Tax Deductible Super Contribution from 1 July 2017.
* Understanding Your Super & Pension Statements
* Superannuation Splitting between Partners

Newsletter – April 2017

* Is the amount you can have in superannuation now limited to $1.6 million?
* What happens if I am over the new transfer balance cap on 1 July 2017?
* The Regulators are applying the brakes to Investment Property Lending
* Good news for Australia – no economic downturn in China
* Anzac Day Tribute