Newsletter – December 2021

* Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
* US Inflation is high and what it might mean for interest rates
* Downsizer Contributions to Super – qualifying age likely to be reduced to 60
* Abolition of the minimum salary threshold for SG contributions
* Change on ownership of Colonial First State
* Magnitsky Laws passed by Australian Parliament – good news!

Newsletter – November 2021

* Inflation in the US is seemingly out of control
* The share market is vulnerable if inflation causes significant interest rate rises
* Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a big deal
* Increased scope for older people to contribute to Superannuation
* What is the Family Tax Benefit and who can receive it?
* Pfizer’s COVID Pill is effective & likely to be deployed globally

Newsletter – July 2021

* Is the spreading Coronavirus outbreak a big deal economically?
* Inflation: is it a precursor to higher interest rates?
* Superannuation Changes effective from 1 July 2021
* Annual Super & Investment Statements coming soon

Newsletter – June 2021

* Temporary Reduction in Minimum Pensions extended for 2021/22
* Buying a property off-the-plan
* Downsizer contributions to Super don’t have to be in Cash
* Superannuation Death Benefits
* Cryptocurrencies are very volatile
* Artificial Intelligence

Newsletter – April 2021

* Important changes to Income Protection Policies
* Feeling safe is the most important liveability attribute for Australians.
* Bitcoin – is it a genuine investment?
*Will NZ property investor tax reforms crash prices & are there implications for Australia?

Newsletter – January 2021

* What will a Biden Presidency mean for US & Global financial markets
* Are we in a stock market bubble?
* The risk that Covid-19 Vaccines won’t necessarily end this epidemic soon
* A New Team member in Sydney – Helen Houston
* Changes in the Financial Planning Industry
* Tesla, an example of some highly questionable company valuations

Newsletter – November 2020

* Covid-19 Vaccine News is very positive for health and financial markets
* The market reaction to the US Election Results
* Low interest rates – bad for term deposits,  good for residential property prices
* Implications of Gifting for Social Security Recipients

Newsletter – October 2020

* Cash is King no longer applies
* 2020 Federal Budget & Implications
* Superannuation changes in the Budget
* Salary Sacrifice / Personal Tax-deductible Super Contributions
* Cashing out your Super in Retirement
* Residential Property Prices
* Sustainable Investing – a look at Australian Companies

Newsletter – September 2020

* What has happened in Financial Markets since late February?
* Can Tech Stocks keep rising or is it a bubble?
* Morgan Housel on finding the sensible balance between optimism and pessimism
* The role of Fixed Interest Investments (Bonds)
* Navigating the new assets test limit for the Age Pension

Newsletter – August 2020

* Where to next for the share market – the positive ( “Bull”)  case
* Where to next for the share market – the negative (“Bear”) case
* Gold is running hot
* How dominant are the big  5 US Tech companies? Very!
* Tightening Bank Credit Standards
* The good times for Bank investors ended some time ago

Newsletter – July 2020

* Will the US Stock Market continue to ignore any Bad News?
* The Global Vaccine Race offers hope but not certainty
* Hamish Douglass from Magellan on the very uncertain outlook
* It is all about Technology
* China’s Assertiveness is a serious threat that could have big consequences