Newsletter Federal Budget 2022

* The 2022 Federal Budget
* Ukraine and the “Axis of Autocracy”
* Bond Market Selloff
* The Case for Gold
* Andrew’s Pending Retirement

Newsletter – January 2022

*  A Report Card on what I was expecting a year ago
* Some Forecasts for 2022
* Inflation in the US and impact on Equity Markets
* Andrew’s Retirement

Newsletter – December 2021

* Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
* US Inflation is high and what it might mean for interest rates
* Downsizer Contributions to Super – qualifying age likely to be reduced to 60
* Abolition of the minimum salary threshold for SG contributions
* Change on ownership of Colonial First State
* Magnitsky Laws passed by Australian Parliament – good news!

Newsletter – November 2021

* Inflation in the US is seemingly out of control
* The share market is vulnerable if inflation causes significant interest rate rises
* Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a big deal
* Increased scope for older people to contribute to Superannuation
* What is the Family Tax Benefit and who can receive it?
* Pfizer’s COVID Pill is effective & likely to be deployed globally

Newsletter – October 2021

* Is rising inflation going to lead to higher interest rates soon?
* Will you ever receive a Government (Centrelink) Age Pension?
* The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)
* Centrelink Gifting Rules

Newsletter – September 2021

* The US Share Market is highly valued compared with other markets
* China’s Evergrande is in trouble, does it matter?
* Andrew’s Pending Retirement

Newsletter – August 2021

* The Delta Variant is impacting parts of the Share Market, not just our Health
* High Commodity Prices are helping Australia greatly
* How Investment Diversification helps you
* CBA Buy-Back

Newsletter – July 2021

* Is the spreading Coronavirus outbreak a big deal economically?
* Inflation: is it a precursor to higher interest rates?
* Superannuation Changes effective from 1 July 2021
* Annual Super & Investment Statements coming soon

Newsletter – June 2021

* Temporary Reduction in Minimum Pensions extended for 2021/22
* Buying a property off-the-plan
* Downsizer contributions to Super don’t have to be in Cash
* Superannuation Death Benefits
* Cryptocurrencies are very volatile
* Artificial Intelligence

Newsletter – April 2021

* Important changes to Income Protection Policies
* Feeling safe is the most important liveability attribute for Australians.
* Bitcoin – is it a genuine investment?
*Will NZ property investor tax reforms crash prices & are there implications for Australia?

Newsletter – March 2021

* Why Cash is not a suitable investment
* The case for owning Equities (Shares)
* China’s Latest Five Year Plan
* Sergei Magnitsky Update
* Another Book recommendation: “The Frenchman”

Newsletter – February 2021

* Do rising bond yields threaten the share market?
* Indexation of the Transfer Balance Cap
* Super Contribution Rules – A refresh
* The importance of Asia, particularly China, in world trade

Newsletter – January 2021

* What will a Biden Presidency mean for US & Global financial markets
* Are we in a stock market bubble?
* The risk that Covid-19 Vaccines won’t necessarily end this epidemic soon
* A New Team member in Sydney – Helen Houston
* Changes in the Financial Planning Industry
* Tesla, an example of some highly questionable company valuations

Newsletter – December 2020

* 2020 – A Year that will certainly be remembered!
* Investment Implications for 2021
* Holiday Reading for Investors

Newsletter – November 2020

* Covid-19 Vaccine News is very positive for health and financial markets
* The market reaction to the US Election Results
* Low interest rates – bad for term deposits,  good for residential property prices
* Implications of Gifting for Social Security Recipients

Newsletter – October 2020

* Cash is King no longer applies
* 2020 Federal Budget & Implications
* Superannuation changes in the Budget
* Salary Sacrifice / Personal Tax-deductible Super Contributions
* Cashing out your Super in Retirement
* Residential Property Prices
* Sustainable Investing – a look at Australian Companies

Newsletter – September 2020

* What has happened in Financial Markets since late February?
* Can Tech Stocks keep rising or is it a bubble?
* Morgan Housel on finding the sensible balance between optimism and pessimism
* The role of Fixed Interest Investments (Bonds)
* Navigating the new assets test limit for the Age Pension

Newsletter – August 2020

* Where to next for the share market – the positive ( “Bull”)  case
* Where to next for the share market – the negative (“Bear”) case
* Gold is running hot
* How dominant are the big  5 US Tech companies? Very!
* Tightening Bank Credit Standards
* The good times for Bank investors ended some time ago

Newsletter – July 2020

* Will the US Stock Market continue to ignore any Bad News?
* The Global Vaccine Race offers hope but not certainty
* Hamish Douglass from Magellan on the very uncertain outlook
* It is all about Technology
* China’s Assertiveness is a serious threat that could have big consequences

Newsletter – June 2020

* Can the Stock market keep rising despite weak economic fundamentals?
* Australian Interest Rates
* End of Financial Year – Super Contributions & Pension Payments
* Superannuation – Contribution Flexibility for older Australians
* Changes to Minimum Pensions for next Financial Year – 2020/21

Newsletter – May 2020

* Escalating US-China tensions threaten the share market recovery
* Some challenges and likely changes as a result of coronavirus
* Australian Banks under pressure
* How long Will a Vaccine Really Take
* Reduced Minimum Payments for Income Streams (private pensions)
* Early Access to Super
* Deeming Rates for Centrelink Age Pensions

Newsletter – February 2020

* Coronavirus and the growing impact in financial markets
* What is happening in financial advice post the Hayne Royal Commission
* Changes to Income Protection insurance cover across the industry
* No new CommInsure policies from 31 March 2020
* Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Newsletter – January 2020

* Cash is safe but a poor option for longer-term investors
* A challenge for investors – Share-market valuations are looking stretched
* Are geopolitical shocks a threat to share prices?
* The World’s Largest Cities
* Sydney’s rapidly growing population has big implications

Newsletter – December 2019

* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
* 2019 was a good year for Super & Investors generally
* A truce in the US-China Trade War
* Shane Oliver’s 20 favourite Investment & life lesson quotes

Newsletter – November 2019

* The Six Biggest bull runs and what happened next
* Tech Stocks have rocketed but many valuations look stretched
* Transition to retirement tax strategies
* Can you leave your Super/Pension to your Grandchildren?

Newsletter – October 2019

* Very low & even negative interest rates all over the world
* Downsizer Contributions into Super
* Investing for Income is not just about dividend yields
* A resource for information on big global issues
* Powers of Attorney

Newsletter – September 2019

* Falling Bond rates change everything 
* Government, Corporate & Mortgage-backed bonds
* What strategies can be used to obtain and retain the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)?
* Retirees facing steep increases for basic living costs

Newsletter – August 2019

*  Unfortunately, we probably do have a serious Trade War
* It’s a crazy world – Government Bonds at negative interest rates
* Increasing signs of a slowing Global Economy
* What are the European Central Bank (ECB) & the US Fed doing about it?
* Do protests in Hong Kong matter to investors?
* Centrelink Gifting Rules

Newsletter – July 2019

* Share markets are surging despite slow economic growth
* The Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Sector is growing and performing
* Superannuation Death Benefit Nominations

Newsletter – June 2019

* It is all about Interest Rates!!
* Superannuation contributions before the end of Financial Year: act now!
* Will the higher HEM (Household Expenditure Measure) offset APRA loosening and again reduce borrowing capacity?
* Top Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Newsletter – May 2019

* A quick summary of what the Federal election means for some key policies
* The Federal election impact on Australian Shares
* The Coalition wins a third term – your superannuation policy update in preparation for the end of the financial year
* Superannuation changes from 1 July 2019
* Australia’s Population Growth remains very high

Newsletter – March 2019

* Economic slowdown worldwide suggests caution is warranted with equities
* Residential versus commercial property
* The factors that drive Residential Property
* Commercial Property
* Federal Budget Update: coming next week

Newsletter – February 2019

* Labor’s proposed changes to Negative Gearing will negatively impact house prices
* Australian Interest Rates look likely to fall this year
* Timing your Investments

Newsletter – January 2019

* Why has the share market risen since the pre-Christmas decline?
* Payment of the increased tax on Super contributions for high income earners
* Financial Adviser and Financial Planner are now restricted terms
* Social Security (Centrelink) Assessment of the former Home for Aged Care Residents
* Enjoying the New Year at a beautiful property in Victoria

Newsletter – December 2018

* Are stock markets globally likely to fall much further?
* What about the US-China Trade War?
* Some better news: Superannuation – Downsizer superannuation contributions

Newsletter – November 2018

* Will Labor’s policy on franking credits impact you?
* Two big events that will impact the direction of share markets
* Don Stammer’s X factors for 2018
* Why you should consider pet insurance – Ruby Update

Newsletter – October 2018

* Has the Stock market correction got further to run?
* Should we be concerned about the US-China Trade War?
* The good news – we are a wealthy country!

Newsletter – September 2018

* Some Personal Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis
* Does the proposed demerger of Financial Wisdom & Colonial First State impact you?
* Are Royal Commissions significant events for investors?
* Living Independently: A look at in-home care options

Newsletter – August 2018

* What is causing Australian house prices to fall?
* Is there really a trade war developing between the USA & China and does it matter?
* The effective Income tax free thresholds for 2018-19
* Be aware of Centrelink changes if applying for the Age Pension or other benefits
* What if your (Super) Pension account has gone above the Transfer Balance Cap of $1.6m?

Newsletter – July 2018

* Is the rally in US Tech stocks over?
* My Health Records – why I plan to opt out
* Something unusual – US interest rates above Australian rates
* How to find out if the airbag in your car is safe or needs replacing

Newsletter – June 2018

* Australian and US Share markets – strong but vulnerable?
* CBA to demerge some businesses including Financial Wisdom, our licensee
* Having an Adviser increases the likelihood a successful Insurance Claim
*  Funeral Insurance – not a great deal

Newsletter – April 2018

* The Banking & Superannuation Royal Commission
* Do the FANGS suggest the US stock market is turning down?
* Australian Migration Data is interesting
* SMSF – an update on issues that may impact you this financial year

Newsletter – March 2018

* Would Labor’s proposed changes to dividend imputation matter to you?
* Income Protection Premiums – why are they rising?
* For Women: Balancing Work and bringing up Children

Newsletter – February 2018

* Financial Advice from the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett
* The Sharing Economy – Airbnb, Uber, Airtasker, Freelancer, etc
* Ramsay Financial Group keeps growing

January 2018 Newsletter

* Share markets continue their upward march after a strong 2017
* Australia’s apartment construction boom
* What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?
* What are investment benchmarks?
* Bitcoin – an explainer

Newsletter – December 2017

* How to create the Ultimate Bucket List
* Incentives to Downsize the Family Home
* Bitcoin: what to make of it?
* Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Settlements

Newsletter – November 2017

* Superannuation Contribution Splitting with a Spouse
* Helping your children financially:  Loans vs. Gifts
* What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative also known as “One Belt, One Road”?
* Counting the financial cost of a curve ball
* Insurance Companies actually do pay most Claims!

Newsletter – October 2017

* Making a Smooth Transition to Retirement
* Don’t discount the possibility that North Korea could provoke a very serious war with the US
* Is Australian Business Over Regulated?

Newsletter – September 2017

* Magellan Global Trust Offer
* Removal of Capital Gains Tax Exemption on Main Residence for Foreign Residents
* Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto (digital) currencies
* CommInsure

Newsletter – July 2017

* Understanding Your Personal Balance Sheet – it’s not just money!
* Home Ownership in Australia is Declining
* Stamp duty and first home owner grant changes in effect across Australia
* Claiming tax deductions on residential property
* Downsizing your home in retirement
* Tax changes for foreign property owners

End of Financial Year Newsletter

* Are most Investment Assets like Shares & Property overvalued?
* Where to the Property market?
* Changes to Personal Tax Deductible Super Contribution from 1 July 2017.
* Understanding Your Super & Pension Statements
* Superannuation Splitting between Partners

Newsletter – April 2017

* Is the amount you can have in superannuation now limited to $1.6 million?
* What happens if I am over the new transfer balance cap on 1 July 2017?
* The Regulators are applying the brakes to Investment Property Lending
* Good news for Australia – no economic downturn in China
* Anzac Day Tribute

Newsletter – March 2017

* Achieving Financial Independence is not just about investment returns
* Are you paying too much on your Mortgage?
* Chinese Military Installations in the South China Sea – should we be concerned?
* Marriage in the Computer Age

Newsletter – February 2017

*Changing Times – from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Trump
* Will the Trump share market rally continue?
* Super contributions cap changes: what do they mean for you?
* The importance of Immigration to the USA (and Australia)

Newsletter – January 2017

* The Australian Residential Real Estate Market
* Another Property Boom – it’s not just (Eastern) Australia
* Where to for the Australian Share market in 2017?
* Calendar Facts
* Work – Life Balance

Newsletter – December 2016

* Personal Reflections on 2016
* Tax Deductions for Personal Super Contributions
* Non Concessional Super Contributions
* Predictions for 2017

Newsletter – November 2016

* US presidential election result and the possible consequences for global financial markets
* Insurance in Superannuation – Issues to Consider
* Defined Benefit Pensions and the new $1.6 million cap

Newsletter – October 2016

* Property vs. Shares – what does the Russell / ASX Report tell us?
* Residential Property Prices double every 10 years – right?
* Finally we have clarity around the Superannuation contribution rules
* Assets limits for Centrelink Age Pensioners from 1 January 2017
* Can you jump from a plane with no parachute & survive? Yes you can!!

Newsletter – September 2016

* How the latest Government announcements on Superannuation might impact You
* A one-off opportunity this financial year to make a large contribution to your Super
* Risky – APRA chairman warns of Bank hybrid risks
* Australia – celebrating 25 years without a recession!!

Newsletter – August 2016

* Interest Rates – still heading down?
* Changes to Superannuation Rules – should you be doing anything now?
* Ten Attributes of Great Investors
* Update on Ruby

Newsletter – July 2016

* Federal Election – does it matter for your Super or other investments?
* Super Changes announced in the May 2016 Federal Budget
* Brexit – for an Australian investor is this just noise or something important?
* Share Market Volatility
* Five Financial Challenges that Women Face
* Andrew’s new Family Member

Newsletter – June 2016

* Technology is disrupting most areas of life, including white collar jobs
* End of Financial Year Planning
* Is the world becoming more dangerous?
* Brexit: will Britain leave the European Union (Brexit) and does it matter?

Newsletter – April 2016

* Changes to Superannuation Rules coming in the Budget?
* Superannuation Contribution Caps for next financial year: 2016-17
* The Federal Government Guarantee of Deposits
* Sydney – Melbourne Air Traffic: busy and growing
* Australia’s Population – more than a quarter born overseas

Newsletter – March 2016

* Australian Consumers are positive
* Australian Banks – An Update
* Interest Rates – at unprecedented lows worldwide
* China – on-going challenges
* CommInsure & insurance claims

Newsletter – February 2016

* Superannuation Changes Coming Soon?
* Current volatility in the Share Market
* Changes to ASX Settlements
* Lessons from Super Fund Investment Strategy Rules

Newsletter – January 2016: Market Update

* What the heck is going on in the share market: time to panic?
* What should I do as an investor?
* Market Volatility
* Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture
* Diversification
* Understanding the implications of withdrawing
* Key takeaways to keep in mind

Newsletter – December 2015

* Why do we focus on your risk profile?
* The Big Picture as we head into 2016 (geopolitics)
* The Big Picture for Australian Investors in 2016 – challenging
* Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CHSC) for Self-funded Retirees

Newsletter – November 2015

* Superannuation Death Benefits – not generally covered by your Will
* The underperformance of many of our “Blue Chips”
* Commodity Prices – yes, they are weak and hurting Australia
* Changes to the Centrelink assessment of defined benefit income streams

Newsletter – October 2015

* Excessive Doom & Gloom in Australia
* Dollar Cost Averaging – what it is & how does it work?
* HELP (HECS) Repayments

Newsletter- September 2015

* Property vs Shares – the current state of play
* Investing in new apartments – dangers to be aware of?
* The share market
* Want to educate yourself on Property investment?
* What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is it a substitute for life insurance?

Newsletter – August 2015

* What’s happening in share markets currently and why?
* Commodity prices have fallen dramatically
* Australia headed for a recession?
* Reflections on my recent visit to China
* SMSF Pensions

Newsletter – July 2015

* Shares or Property? Russell Investments – ASX 2015 Long Term Investing update
* DIY Investing
* Market disruptions – do they matter?
* Greece – a brief update and some further thoughts

Newsletter – June 2015

* Superannuation year end planning for the 2014/15 Financial Year
* China’s growth rate is slowing and stock market wobbling but no need to worry
* Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset (NMETO)

2015 Federal Budget

Attached is a two page Federal Budget Fact File that outlines the high level impacts of this Budget on key financial planning strategies

Newsletter – April 2015

* The danger for investors from today’s low interest rates
* Possible changes to Tax treatment of Super or Negative gearing?
* Australian Banks versus the big Resource Companies
* Changes to the age when you can access your Super
* Concessional & Non- Concessional Contribution Caps – what are they?
* Is it worth retaining private health insurance?

Newsletter – March 2015

* What is a reasonable investment return for a long term portfolio today?
* Superannuation Contribution Caps to apply next financial year: 2015-16
* New Rules around Excess Non Concessional Superannuation Contributions
* Limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) in SMSFs
* Deeming rate reduction from 20 March 2015

Newsletter – February 2015

* Why have share and property prices been rising strongly as interest rates have fallen?
* Research on happiness and the mid life crisis – it’s not just you and it’s not all bad news
* Potential policy changes in the Budget and what you might consider doing to pre-empt them
* Tighter eligibility for the Government Age Pension coming?
* Deeming Rates to be cut from 20 March 2015

Newsletter – January 2015

* Australian Shares – overall 2014 was a lacklustre year
* Interest rates – why so low and how low can they go?
* Term Deposits – new rules make it harder to get early access
* Reversionary Beneficiaries for Pensions – why it matters

Newsletter – December 2014

* Which investment assets should do best in 2015?
* Likely changes to government benefits that will impact baby boomers
* Interest rates – more good news for borrowers but bad news for savers and retirees
* The Financial System (Murray) Inquiry – some key recommendations
* The Financial System (Murray) Inquiry – what it might mean for bank shareholders

Oil & Commodities Market Update

Last week the rapid fall in the oil price globally continued with the Brent oil price benchmark falling 7% after the OPEC meeting and then falling further again over the weekend. The Brent oil price (which is related to North Sea oil) has fallen by close to 40% since...

Newsletter – November 2014

* Where is the Australian share market heading?
* Income Protection (Salary Continuance) Premiums increasing
* Europe – unfortunately the news is not good
* The Falling Oil Price

Newsletter – October 2014

* Travel – observations from my recent overseas holiday
* Recent developments in financial markets that you should be aware of
* Medibank Private float
* Australian interest rates – not going anywhere anytime soon
* How would you like better internet coverage, preferably for free?
* Centrelink deeming of account-based pensions from January 2015

Deeming of Account based Pensions by Centrelink from January 2015

The new Centrelink deeming provisions applying to Account Based Pensions (ABP's), detailed in the attached Fact File, will come into effect on 1 January 2015. Persons most impacted will be pensioners who have other substantial assessable income in addition to their...

Newsletter – September 2014

* Real Estate Investing – it’s not just residential investment property
* Negative Gearing of Residential Investment Property
* Further increase in Super Guarantee Payments delayed 7 years until 2021
* Preservation Age – it’s gradually increasing

Newsletter – August 2014

* My new website – check it out
* Australian housing prices – why so high?
* Shares or Property? Russell Investments- ASX Long Term Investing update
* Term Deposits vs. Shares – the state of play
* Retirees should prepare for deeming of Account Based Pensions

Newsletter – July 2014

* Positive Economic & Political News
* Superannuation – Re-contribution Strategy
* Low Income Super Contribution (LISC) to continue for now
* Some brief reflections on our Medical System

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